Extremity Pain Arm Leg

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Extremity Pain Arm Leg

Extremity pain is one of the most common pain complaints. With overuse, wear and tear, and the daily stress that people endure, it’s no wonder that the difficulties of modern life are manifesting themselves in our arms and legs.

Your lower extremities, including the legs, feet, and ankles are controlled by nerves beginning in the lower back and spine. Pain in these areas can be caused by wrong form or position of the body—in which case, it will eventually resolve when the position is changed or the pain may be episodic. In the latter case, the pain usually results from a trauma or mechanical stress.

Aside from injury, leg and ankle pain may also be caused by arthritis or infection. Foot pain can also result from disease.

One’s upper extremities: arms, wrists, shoulders, neck can be injured not only through overuse but also due to daily wear-and-tear. The shoulders and wrists, in particular, are very commonly affected, and the type and occurrence of pain may vary depending on the kind of injury.

The rule of thumb is that the more repeatedly an activity is done using the same body part, the higher the risk for getting injured. This is why athletes are usually told to train not only in their primary sports, but also in other sports without using the same body part. A marathoner, for example, could cross train with cycling or weightlifting activities when he’s not running, which keeps him active without threatening the health of his extremities.

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