Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain

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Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain

The spinal column is the body’s main structural support. It needs to keep you stable enough to stand upright but flexible enough for movement. Hurt can stem from sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons, or from herniated disks, fractures, and other problems in your upper, middle, and lower back. Sometimes the effects are felt right away. But in many cases, back problems develop over time.

Back problems are often brought on through bad habits, such as:

  • Poor posture, like sitting incorrectly at a desk or behind the steering wheel
  • Repeating the same motion or overdoing it
  • Pushing, pulling, and lifting things carelessly

The spine is a stack of 24 bones called vertebrae. A healthy spine is S-shaped when viewed from the side. It curves back at your shoulders and inward at your neck and small of your back. It houses and protects your spinal cord, the network of nerves that transmit feeling and control movement throughout your entire body.

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